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Services We Provide..

( Rewinding, Repairing & Services )
  • AC Induction & Slipring Motors of any capacity( from 0.25 HP - 2000 HP)
  • H.T. Motors (3.3 KVA/6.6 KVA)
  • Flame Proof Motors
  • Servo Motors
  • Turbine Alternators
  • High Frequency Motors
  • Power Generators .
  • DC Electric Motors of any Type and Capacity
  • High Speed Spindle Motors of any RPM and Frequency
  • Welding Generators and Welding Machines
  • Solenoid and Brake Coils
  • Any Type of Electrical Conversion Jobs of Motors (RPM/Frequency/HP/Voltage)
  • Faulty Aluminium or Copper Rotor of Induction Motors of any Type
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